November Linkspiration

Here’s a roundup of stuff I’ve been reading over the past month:

  1. 11 Benefits to Learning Something New – Natalie Sisson: I don’t know about you, but I’m always curious about the world, and always aware of how much I still have to learn. The day I’m not curious about anything will be a day I personally don’t want to see, as I’ll either be a know it all and completely deluded or on my deathbed! 
  2. Changing the Future With Stem Cells: Crystal Ruff (Full Transcript) – The Singju Post – Dr. Crystal Ruff is a keen investigator in the field of regenerative neuroscience and translational health research, with a proven track record of academic and performance excellence.  In this TEDx Talk Dr. Crystal explains what stem cells are and how they are changing the way we treat diseases. 
  3. 4 Things You Can Do to Plan for Your Child’s Future Today – Working Daddy: Sound advice on a number of things that you might want to think about now, so that when your kids are older, their future will be taken care of.
  4. Protect Yourself: The Challenges Mums Face: Family oriented post for the working mothers out there. 
  5. Moving On Quotes: 17 Quotes & Action Steps to Feel Better Now – Moving Company Reviews Blog: Moving On – these amazing moving on quotes can help you turn the page. 
  6. How to Win When Life is Unfair: Meldrick Taylor won the Gold Medal in boxing at the 1984 Olympics. Soon after, he took his 99-4 amateur record, turned professional, won the light welterweight title, and took his undefeated record into another title fight. It became the fight of the decade!
  7. Everything you need to know about dietary supplements: Buying supplements can be a confusing activity for many because there is an excellent choice on the market! First of all, there are various categories of dietary supplements that you can choose from. Weight gainers, protein shakes, creatine and so on. Then there are countless brands and products that you can choose from. What are the best supplements? Which supplements fit your diet plan and which offer the effect you want to experience during your fitness training?

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