How to Create Awesome Employee Newsletter

Newsletters aren’t the employees’ favorite emails. Most employees just skim through them since they want to get it over it as quickly as possible. But does it have to be that way? No! If you know how to create an interesting newsletter, you can provide employees with the content that they would actually want to read.

Writing the employee newsletter shouldn’t be challenging. Once you adopt the right approach, you will be the master of creating an engaging newsletter. Just follow these steps and your newsletters will build a sense of community and involvement in the company.

Make Newsletter Employee-Centric

The best approach you can take in the employee newsletter is to focus them on the employees. As obvious as this may seem, many companies make the mistake of putting the company in the focus.

Employee-focused newsletter should include information that is valuable, relevant, and directly connected to the employees. The content should be created for their enjoyment.

Even when you are talking about industry trends, mention in the introduction how that information will benefit them. Letting them know how the newsletter’s content is relevant to them will emphasize the importance of reading it.

Use a Fun Design

We all navigate towards aesthetically pleasing things so your newsletter should check that box.

Try to stay away from the usual and generic email design. Instead, use a unique design that will make the emails look more fun.

The first thing the employees will notice is the colors. Therefore, use colors that evoke positive feelings such as yellow, blue, pink, purple, etc.

Find an email template that is suitable for your company but also engaging for the employees. The email design will make the newsletter attractive and inviting.

Turn Statistics into Engaging Infographics

If you want to share important statistics in the employee newsletter present them in the form of infographics.

Statistics can seem dry and dull when they are in the written form. That’s why infographics can be your solution for making such information easier to read and absorb.

Lots of written content can be overwhelming. Infographics can break the blocks of text and add some color to the email.

Share Photos

Get people interested in the newsletter by sharing photos from events or company gatherings. Spotting themselves and their coworkers in the photos can be engaging and fun for employees.

Maybe they’ll have a laugh or be proud of their good photo. Either way, it will get them interested in the newsletter.

Make sure that the photos are downloadable so that they can share them with their family and friends if they like.

Write Compelling Copy

Employees receive approximately 120 emails a day. This means that if you want your newsletter to be read, you need to provide them with a high-quality copy.

Accessible and conversational language and short sentences make the emails easier and faster to read. Short paragraphs, visuals, and hooks will also get the employees to keep reading until the end.

For starters, you can cooperate with professional writers until you get a hang of how to create compelling copy. You can hire a prominent writing service such as GrabMyEssay or Studicus.

What also plays a huge role in writing a high-quality newsletter is proofreading and editing. Get this done with the help of WowGrade or SupremeDissertations.

Include Employees in CSR Strategy

The employees can play a vital role in your CSR strategy. Being a part of activities that are making a difference will give employees a sense of accomplishment.

Whenever you are involved in some events or projects, highlight them in the newsletter. Let the employees know how they can become a part of the CSR strategy.

After they’ve contributed to some cause or attended an event, include photos, videos, or news article (if there is one) about it. Their impact should be displayed and appreciated.

Add Testimonials and Customer Success Stories

The company probably already collects testimonials or writes customer success stories. Besides the purpose of marketing, this type of content can also be used for the newsletter.

Add some relevant testimonials or customer success stories in written or video form. If you opt for shorter testimonials, you can include them in every issue of the newsletter.

This will show the employees the following:

  • You want to share your successes with them
  • Their work is resulting in happy customers
  • Current product or services they can get involved in (developing or delivering)

Introduce Meet the Team Section

Knowing how each individual is contributing to the company will create a stronger connection between the employees.

Whether you are in a small or large organization, it often happens that employees don’t have knowledge about what others are doing. Put each employee’s work in the spotlight and you’ll provide them with a sense of importance.

Additionally, when everyone knows what others are doing they’ll know to whom they need to turn to help.

Introduce a series as a part of the newsletter that will concern with individuals or teams within the company. Conduct a short interview – around 5 questions – and ask them about their work in the company, their goals, passions, and hobbies.

Celebrate Changes

Sharing relevant information about people in your company will strengthen the sense of community.

Include employees’ milestones and landmarks in the newsletter by mentioning who retired, who got promoted, new employees in the company, etc.

You can even mention more personal landmarks such as who got married, who got a baby or get more into detail and mention whose birthday is on that day.

The employees spend most of their time during the week together and they will feel closer to each other if you know such information. Additionally, the employees deserve that their successes (business or personal) get celebrated.

Add a Break Time Section

Keeping your head in the game at all times can be exhausting. The key to productivity is to relieve stress and let the brain recharge from time to time.

Show the employees that it’s okay to take a break and get their batteries refilled. Loosen up the atmosphere in the workplace by sharing some fun images, videos, or games within the newsletter.

For example, you can share a few photos from TV shows or movies and let them guess. Send motivational quotes, funny images or GIFs, or anything else that will make them relax for a moment.

Show the employees that you recognize their hard work and that you believe that they deserve a break.

Some Final Thoughts

As you can tell, the employee newsletter doesn’t have to be dry and dull email content. With a few tricks, you can turn it into engaging and interesting copy. Remember that adding your personality is a big plus.

No one knows your employees better than you so you are the most competent person to determine how the engagement can be maximized. Pick any of the ideas that are the best match for your team and just add your own twist to it.

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