Limiting Your Beliefs

To start out, you have to remove words like ‘Maybe’, ‘If’, ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary, because those words will prevent you from making real progress. These words are full of negativity that will affect you subconsciously every day.

And to think that we go around wondering why we feel as awful as we do.

You must remember that your mind is there to protect you, its job is to look out for anything that could harm you or affect your survival.

Survival became the mind’s primary initiative throughout the generations. If you want to educate yourself more on this, check out the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene. It’s a great book.

Most of the time, your mind is full of drama. It’s continuously looking for everything that is wrong or could go wrong…but in reality, everything is okay.

The mind could be thought of like a hovering, over-protective parent, always asking “What if this…” and “What if that…” and it is up to you to remember that it’s only your imagination.

The mind is the best story writer on earth. It writes amazing tales, comedies, and often, horrific dramas of things that aren’t happening and likely never will happen.

The mind doesn’t show you the real world, it instead fabricates stories, and then you adopt these stories as the truth, and so your life is lived through these fantasies of the mind.

Eliminate Beliefs that Limit You

You don’t have to listen to everything that your mind says, and this is the true secret to erasing the limitations caused by your beliefs. Your mind is constant background noise. You have to make the choice to remove yourself from the noise and find your success.

You need to learn to control the beliefs that your mind creates, because if you wait around for it to happen on its own, you will be waiting until the end of time.

The biggest takeaway here is to make progress despite any beliefs or negativity your mind creates that say you will fail. Always move forward, no matter what the voice inside your head is telling you.

Increase Your Confidence

Picture yourself conquering these negative thoughts. Take a moment and look back at all the successes, big or small, that you have seen in your life. Tell yourself “I am bigger than this”. You have so much life ahead of you still.

Bring out the best part of yourself. Remind yourself of all the times that you went through challenges and beat the odds. Remember how much trust you have in yourself. Even though you have failed before, you have risen again.

Create a “Achievement file” and fill it with anything that made you feel good. It could be cards, emails, nice notes from friends, or happy memories you have written down. When you receive a compliment, tell your negative thoughts what you are really capable of.

Search for Inspiration

Find a group of people that you can rely on for support no matter what. They could be friends, family, or counselors. If you’re having a rough day, ask them to remind you of what it is that makes you so great, have them remind you of how powerful you are and absorb those thoughts.

Find inspiration anywhere that you are. Make sure that you are taking action and doing something — anything positive — that can be considered self-care. Read books, watch something motivational, exercise, rest, sleep, whatever your body is asking you to do.

Ensure that the people you surround yourself with are optimistic. Spend time in places that inspire you to do more. Linger in that space if it makes you feel good. Avoid negative people and negative energy. Run away from pessimism. It’s better for you if you’re alone than in bad company.

Do Things that are Positive

Do things that bring you joy — you will thank yourself. Pursue those passions that have made you feel good: making art, singing, cooking, whatever you can think of.

Be open to whatever miracles come to you, meditate on this and open your mind to it. Tell yourself that you deserve all these miracles. Trust the universe.

Keep yourself busy. You can do this by volunteering, learning a new skill or language, creating a piece of art, or whatever you need to do to get over these limiting beliefs. You will soon see you can do whatever you put your mind to.

I believe that we can all rid our minds of limiting beliefs. It starts inside you. And I know that whatever it is, you can do it.

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